Roundhouse Inc was founded in 1989 by a group of railfans who wanted to promote the history of the St James area using Model Railroads as the medium. The City of St James allowed the group to use the old Fire Hall on Second Street. A large O Gauge and HO Scale layout was built on the second floor of the Fire Hall. The display was open during the Railroad Days weekend and on weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Record numbers of visitors viewed the layout. It was not uncommon to have over 2000 visitors during the Railroad Days weekends. When the Watonwan County Library received a grant to expand its building, the old Fire Hall was demolished and Roundhouse Inc. moved to its present location.

It took about six years to rehabilitate the current building so a layout could be built in it. A lot of hard work went into installing a new ceiling, a new climate control syste, insulation and sheet rock. All lighting and the related electrical work had to pass inspection. An upstairs lounge and library area was constructed. The exterior of the building was caulked, sealed and painted once the interior was complete. In 2006, layout construction was started and the first O Gauge track was laid. In 2009, the HO Scale benchwork was completed and track was laid for the first time. in 2009 a small G Gauge layout was constructed and work on the N scale layout started. Construction progresses on the various layouts as time and funds permit.

Roundhouse Inc. also provides staff to man the Depot Museum adjacent to the Clubhouse. The Depot Museum is owned by the City of St James.

Roundhouse Inc. 2009.